YouTube Kids: announces measures to protect children from inappropriate content

YouTube Kids, video platform children, launched this Friday (10) an update that implements new measures to keep children away from inappropriate content.

Now it is possible to report videos deemed inappropriate for the children’s section of the platform. In this way, all of the content flagged by users will be evaluated by the staff of the service before being removed. If the user is logged in when making the report a video, the content in question will be automatically locked for viewing on YouTube Kids.

There is also a new system timer that limits the time in which the children can watch videos in the app, ideal for parents to control how much time their children can spend in front of the mobile device.

In addition, in some specific countries has also been added a mode of content moderation for the parents to select channels that may be inappropriate for their children.

Another new feature of the update is on account of the management of profiles. With it, it is possible to set up different levels of content more recent or older for each user independently.

Finally, to avoid possible loopholes in the search tool, parents can simply turn off the search bar at the top of the YouTube Kids and, in this way, limiting access only to the featured videos and those that are divided into categories predetermined. With this, the goal is to prevent more effectively that inappropriate content be displayed in a way accidental.

YouTube Kids is available for Android and iOS.


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