Uber Express POOL promises to reduce prices travel up to 25%

A new category of Uber began operating in the city of san Francisco, in the United States, in the last week. Confirming comments of the past, the company has launched the Express POOL service, which promises to reduce up to 25% of the value of the races in case the passenger is willing to walk a few blocks to find a driver or get to the point of destination.

The promise, in the USA, is racing that can get the cost of only$ 2 according to the amount of users in a race and the route. The idea, according to the company, is to use the point of the greatest movement of passengers and the paths optimized, at the same time, increase the amount of work for drivers – which means more gains and reduce the waiting time and the amounts paid by the users.

The system operates in a way similar to what happens today, for example, when we are on the road terminals, places of events or airports. When you select and confirm a request by the Uber Express application POOL, the application prompts the user to walk to a certain location to find the driver, while enjoying your commute to the same place by means of GPS.

These meeting points are called by the Uber “smart spots”, places easy to reach and that are, at most, a few blocks away from the passengers. Instead of taking the car to seek each one in its origins, all the users can find there with the driver, also being left in such an address, near the destination.

In addition to the reduction of prices, Uber says, be thinking in the environment and their effects on the traffic. In the closed beta conducted prior to the launch of the category, the company is said to have seen less own cars traveling through the streets since the initiative puts more people within a single vehicle.

The initiative, although it is more comprehensive now, continues to be part of a small pilot project. Even in the city of san Francisco, only a few users or driver of the service, in specific locations, or certain historical usage, will have access to the option, to verify its feasibility, functioning and, above all, quality.

The results, however, seem to have been satisfactory. When talking about the first reflections of the novelty, the company claims that passengers in the region of san Francisco came to hold races at values below US$ 2.75, the fare charged by the buses of the municipality. In addition, she is said to have received praise from people who live in towns or streets with no exit, with users stating that they would have even won time and money with the novelty, once they’ve walked out of places when they call a car from Uber.

For now, however, there is no release expected for the category outside of san Francisco. In the past, Uber had already stated that you want to take the news to their main cities, but, for now, there is no set deadline for this.

Source: TechCrunch


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