Twitter expands out of the name of the accounts to 50 characters

If you don’t already know, Twitter allows you to change at any time your display name, the one that is in bold on your page, and appears prominently in their tweets, but keeping your @username, which is unique, intact.

Many users take advantage of this possibility to change your name according to the moment and following some of the trends of the social network, as a way of appearing better in the search results on the social network.

This field was limited up to 20 characters, but as the fashion now is to increase the size of everything, the company also offered more space for the name of the accounts.

Now all users have up to 50 characters to be creative enough. And the space is open to the entire type of character, going in addition to alphanumeric symbols, and even emojis.

The change reflects the same positioning of the Twitter double its character limit in a post. The company believes that, with more characters, users of languages with the alphabet, the more complex will be more comfortable to expose their opinions.

The question that remains is: will that increase this space also in the display name doesn’t that make everything a little more confusing?


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