See how is the laboratory for ‘testing torture’ of notebook computers from Lenovo

Extreme temperatures, shock, impact, tension…a real torture! More than a hundred tests take these equipment to the limit before they reach the hands of consumers. After all, the requirement of the japanese is also extreme!

We spanned the globe for you to discover, near the famous laboratory of the Lenovo, in Yokohama, in the Land of the Rising Sun.

If outside these corridors seem more like a building the joint business, each time one of those doors opens, another session of the cruelty with the machines is presented.

The different stress tests simulate situations of the real world use to ensure that the notebooks of the ThinkPad line to survive in adverse situations and, of course, bear a lot of punch in the day-to-day.

In four different laboratories, we have seen tests that, according to the staff of Lenovo, guarantee the quality and robustness of the line ThinkPads, and make it so that laptops are increasingly out of technical assistance.

In the assay of thermal shock, the computers are subjected to a change in sudden temperature ranging from minus 20 to 60 degrees Celsius – which could happen, for example, in the cargo bay of a plane.

This camera is isolated, the test is to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal reach equally to all sides of the unit; on a turntable, the notebook is bombarded by electromagnetic waves in 360 degrees. Everything is measured and evaluated thoroughly.

Opens and closes, opens and closes…To evaluate forces on the screen, a machine spends hours testing the movement and evaluating the hinges of the ThinkPad. And more shot! The robotic arm lifts the laptop a little over a meter and a half from the floor before you drop it in free fall.

The process is repeated numerous times! This another test fold the monitor to make sure that the screen will not break easily. In these machines, the weights about 20 pounds to simulate the impacts repeated on the machine and a lot of vibration. And, if that’s not enough, you still have a proof of the fall of the corner


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