Platform of file sharing via the cloud is an indication of Snowden

Edward Snowden became known worldwide for having made public various details of the sensitive programs of the CIA and NSA, in the United States. The systems analyst is a renowned figure in respect of the security and privacy of data, and the expert recommended a platform to share files via the cloud that is really safe: the SpiderOak.

The service stores files in the cloud properly encrypted, and this encryption happens before your files leave your computer, unlike services such as Dropbox, for example, that only does this when the files are already on your servers.

In addition to the storage and secure sharing, SpiderOak also offers features such as the recovery Point-in-Time, which restores the saved data before your files have been infected with malware. In addition, the program also offers a web interface for the exchange of files between devices securely, and it is possible to create links temporary and self-destructive to specific files.

The security of the platform is such that neither the company that develops the system (The Knowledge) has access to their data stored on their servers, nor to the metadata associated with the files. SpiderOak has full support for Linux, Windows and macOS, and synchronizes data between different operating systems without any difficulty.

Paid, the program can be tested for free for up to 21 days. Simply access the site and make a registration to get use to.

Source: Cult of Mac


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