Pinterest: now you can organize your pins in subfolders

Users of Pinterest come asking for the feature of subfolders since the emergence of the application, which, finally, it happened. With the novelty, it is possible to create multiple sections within a single folder, making the organization even more effective.

The social network decided to include the feature due to the numerous requests of the users. So, Pinterest began testing with a small group, listening to feedback and adding improvements until the subfolders were ready for general use.

The test was conducted with eight thousand active users of Pinterest in the whole world, who saved the lives of more than three million pins in nearly 100 thousand sections with a wide variety of subjects. On the average, were saved 31 pins by sub-4 sections in each folder.

Pinterest subfolders

The update with the novelty should arrive from today (13) both in the web version, how many in the apps for Android and iOS.

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