Numerical Calculation and scientific studies in the exact sciences

Developed by professors from Puc-Minas, Numerical Calculation is a software that can be of great help to students of higher education in the exact sciences. For the undergraduates in engineering, economics, mathematics, physics, and other courses that use such methods as a basis, and often will be a facilitator throughout the course.

Numerical calculation gives resources for the student to use tools and find answers of methods and ratified by mathematical problems with more simplicity and speed. All of this without stops side to the concatenation of the processes. The program brings not only many possibilities of calculations, as well as a scientific calculator virtual.

Calculations numeric

There are more than 100 options of numerical calculations.

Check out some of them:

  • Roots and zero functions;
  • Curves;
  • Tabelamento of functions (algorithms, Parser);
  • Operators numeric
  • Numerical integration;
  • Derivation of numerical.

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