New build of Windows 10 is not working on PCs with AMD processors

The latest build of Windows 10 available to users of the program Windows Insider does not allow users with PCs that have AMD processors can do the update to version 17035 system. The announcement of failure was made by Microsoft itself, which decided to block the download of these computers.

“Because of a bug that causes PCs with AMD processors are checked during the update to the current build, we are blocking PCs with AMD processors to receive this build,” informed Microsoft. “We are investigating and working to fix and remove this block”.

To find a solution to the problem, the company should allow the incorporation of other builds, putting the computers with AMD processors back to the program testing Windows 10.

As the program Insider Windows 10 allows the users to download versions of the operating system are not yet fully ready, it is common that glitches and bugs happen. In fact, many problems are discovered by the users themselves, which provide manually or automatically valuable information to the developers of the operating system. Thus, it is possible to fix the vast majority of the flaws before releasing a final version to the public at large.

The build 17035 was released on Wednesday (8) and has many new features in the operating system. Among them is the Near Share, which allows you to share files to Windows pc without using any hardware or gadgets. In addition, the build provides news on the Edge, which shall have the option to mute the tabs, and improvements in the settings and on the virtual keyboard.

Source: Pplware


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