Chatterbots and AI are the next steps for the corporate training

Without a doubt, 2017 was the year of the chatterbots. Big bet for the future, but already with many applications at the present time, this technology is stirring with the world of customer service in the business, but promises to revolutionise the digital world as a whole. According to Gartner, in 2020 we won’t have any more apps: everything will work through chatterbots with artificial intelligence.

Just think of Siri or Cortana in order to understand how this prediction makes a lot of sense. Why have the app of the movie installed on your machine if you can simply ask for your cell phone which the next session of that movie must-see? Gradually, people are learning how to deal with bots customer service, both via text as voice. An attendant virtual connect for your residence no longer causes as much strangeness.

boots of artificial intelligence will transform our lives?

In addition to customer service, bots, and Artificial Intelligence are still going to transform many aspects in our lives. According to the report of the american consulting firm Tractica, the market of Artificial Intelligence should move US$59,8 billion in the world by 2025. Already the research from Accenture shows that he can replicate the economic growth rates current until 2035.

In education, we are also experiencing many innovations. Today it is possible to learn inside the classroom or outside of it. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile learning to help educators make their lessons more interactive and complete. The market of corporate training also bet these new formats, helping workers to learn more and more and, consequently, making businesses achieve their best results.

The difficulty in the acceptance of new technologies exist, mainly on the part of the professionals with more age, who do not have so much familiarity with the internet or smartphones. But gradually the barriers are being broken and new technologies for corporate education are reaching more and more people.

Chatboots and artificial intelligence

The use of chatbots and artificial intelligence in the training business is, without a doubt, the next step of our market. We can think of in the training 100% online, that happen through the platforms of education or m-learning, and has the virtual assistants to reinforce content, to ask questions of the students, take tests and assess your performance throughout the training. It is an interesting way, innovative and relatively inexpensive to maintain the interest of employees and encourage them to learn even more.

Many scholars of the subject bet, however, in teaching hybrid, merging moments face-to-face with the digital. With people becoming more conscious of their smartphones, this would be a way more natural for the evolution of a corporate education. The professional could participate in a lesson face-to-face with their colleagues for the presentation of a new policy in this sector.

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During the meeting, could be carried out statements with the help of augmented reality to demonstrate what new procedures need to be adopted and their consequences. At the end of the meeting, the facilitator would provide access to a digital platform so that each of the participants could review the content learned and the deepening of the items that could not be presented during the meeting.

On the platform, a virtual assistant via live chat would answer possible questions, pointed out what lessons the staff would need to review and would help to measure their progress. The assistant would be responsible also for analyzing the performance and send the information to the organization. In this way, the company has total control over his training, managing to keep track of which are the employees more committed, where the majority hangs during the process and what are the main difficulties.

The chatbot is also interesting because it can be made available both for one person as for hundreds. The chatterbots have been developed to be able to meet people in various situations. It is a technology designed to have the capacity to meet hundreds, but with the power of adaptation to understand the specificities of each case as unique. This makes the learner feel that he is a single moment of it, in which he has the freedom to interact and review the topics of their interest as many times as you want.

Phil Libin, founder of Evernote, said in a recent interview that “soon the world will be rewritten based on bots and interfaces conversational”. For corporate training, will be no different. We are going through a time of many new developments in technology and, by consequence, in the market of bots. We live in a time in which, more important than thinking of answers, is to think of questions that cause us to evolve each time more.


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