5 tips to be more organized with the help of technology

The attractions of the internet often contribute to people becoming more scattered and without focus. However, when used properly, the network offers various tools that can transform even the most disorganized of internet users in the example of planning and punctuality.

Check out 5 tips a must if you want an effective way to get out of the chaos and have a daily routine more organized with the aid of technology:

1. Use and abuse of the agenda

For centuries the agenda is the greatest ally of people organized. There are present the dates and times of meetings, events, birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments and all the appointments that are part of our day-to-day.

Use a calendar application such as Google Calendar (Google Calendar in iOS), means that you have in your pocket, a touch, fundamental information to plan your days and not miss anything. If you’re the type that forgets to even check your calendar, it’s simple: just turn on notifications and no more excuses for delays and forgetfulness.

2. Make lists and notes

Create lists of tasks to be performed in the next day or week is another interesting step, always establishing priorities according to the urgency of each one and defining objectives. Jot down that brilliant idea that came to mind suddenly, on the way to work or at bedtime, is also another practice that may have rewards priceless. For these purposes, software such as Google Keep, Any.of and Evernote are great options.

3. Save your files in the cloud

Save files in secure locations and easy access is essential on this journey of the organization. After all, have pictures and important documents stolen by hackers, or simply deleted is of the worst experiences. An interesting solution to this issue is the storage in the cloud (or cloud computing), which allows you to save files in a virtual space. There, the documents are saved, and only you may have access through login and password. Google Drive and OneDrive are two options accessible, and excellent.

4. Adopt the mental maps

It is pointless to organize your tasks and commitments in your mind things are still not very clear. This is where comes the importance of develop mental maps, which function as a kind of software of the brain and offer a support to structure and to deepen the thought and the communication, key points especially in creative works. MindMeister and MindNode are two of several applications that provide a good service.

5. Control your finances

Dealing with money is not your forte? The technology can also give you a hand in the management of their personal finances and to control the whirlwind that seems to get hold of your notes right at the beginning of the month. Apps specialized to record your expenses and transactions, create alerts for payments, and generate charts and reports are there just to help you with that. It is the case of software such as GuiaBolso  and Organizze.


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